Washington Double Star Catalogue update

The Washington Double Star Catalog, or WDS, is the most comprehensive catalogs of double stars. It includes all the double stars cataloged and measured by hundreds of observers for more than two centuries, the most famous are:

HJ :  John Herschel (1820 - 1840)
STF, STFA, STFB :  Friedrich Wilhelm Struve (1830 - 1850)
STT, STTA :  Otto Wilhelm Struve (1840  - 1860)
H1 ... H6, HN :  William Herschel (1790  - 1815)
S :  James South (1820..)
SHJ :  John Herschel + James South
DUN : James Dunlop (1830..)
BU, BUP : Sherburne Burnham (1870  -  1900)
ES :  Rev. T. E. Espin (1900  -  1920)
J :  Robert Jonckheere (1910  -  1915)
A :  Robert Grant Aitken (1900  -  1930)
HU :  W. J. Hussey (1900  - 1930)
B :  Willem van den Bos (1920  -  1960)

In this list, abbreviations correspond to the catalogs of these observers. Years are those during which the observations were made. The current version of WDS contains more than 100 000 double stars measured until 2012.

COELIX can easily navigate this huge catalogue with search criteria and filters.

CAUTION : This update does not work with COELIX LITE. The Lite version has its own updates that you can find here.

In addition, this update only works if you have a fully functional version of COELIX APEX newer than 2.092 already installed in your computer.

If you have a version older than 2.092, first make a normal update of the software.

Finally, the installed files are binary modified version of the WDS that only work in COELIX.
Download and installation

Download the installation program of the Washington Double Star Catalogue update.

Security Notice

Follow the instructions of the running installation program. Choose to install the update in the folder that already contains Coelix.exe, for example C:\COELIX. The installer asks you if you want to continue the installation even if the selected folder already exists. Answer YES and continue.
The WDS is produced by:
Brian D. Mason, Gary L. Wycoff, and William I. Hartkopf
Astrometry Department, U.S. Naval Observatory
3450 Massachusetts Ave, NW, Washington, DC 20392