COELIX APEX astronomy software
The astronomy software COELIX APEX 2.126

For Windows 32 bit and 64 bit

Availaible by download.

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Free COELIX LITE version also available.

Despite this low cost, your COELIX software is always up to date. Since 2003, there have been over 120 free updates of the program.

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The COELIX astronomy program lets you print detailed maps of the sky that can show a total of more than 15 million stars, 28,000 deep sky objects, paths of planets, comets and over 500000 asteroids.

Designed for the amateur astronomer, COELIX also generates accurate astronomical ephemeris (satellites of Jupiter, eclipses, occultations and so on) and many catalogues with selection criteria. A search engine enables you to find any celestial body to get its ephemeris data, its related views and graphics.

COELIX can generate a lot of tables and a graphic almanac that show all the phenomena that can occur during one year, one month, or any other period selected by the user.

With its virtual planetarium functions, it contains a multitude of views, tables, graphics and animations to view and analyze the celestial phenomena from any observing site on Earth. You can choose a site in a list or configure and add your own observing station.

Also, COELIX can control several models of motorized telescopes, using the ASCOM platform. In COELIX, you can command the telescope to point to a celestial body found with the search engine, on a sky map or listed in one of several lists or catalogues.

The COELIX software is designed to help the amateur astronomer plan and prepare his nights under the sky. It is at the same time a sky mapping software, a generator of astronomical ephemeris, a virtual planetarium and a telescope control software.
NGC7000   H alpha   JV
NGC7000 H alpha JV