Installation problems (false positive)
Here's how to prevent your antivirus to block the installation of CoelixApex.exe or CoelixLite.exe:

1- In your antivirus software, exclude the analysis and virus detection for the complete folder of Coelix: C: \ COELIXAPEX or C: \ COELIXLITE. Your antivirus software will still protect your entire computer except the files inside these folders (which will not be checked).

2- Copy the installation program for Coelix or for an update of Coelix inside the folder

3- Run this installer. Since the installation program itself and all files that will be installed are inside the folder excluded of the antivirus analysis, the executable file of Coelix will not be blocked.

Please feel free to contact us if this does not solve the problem.

Security notice

Description of the problem (false positive)

When you run the installation program that you downloaded, it can happen that your antivirus software blocks installation of the executable file of Coelix (CoelixApex.exe or CoelixLite.exe depending on the version you have) because it believes detecting a virus.

This is certainly a false positive since only a very small number of antivirus programs out of 57 gives a virus warning and prevents the installation of CoelixApex.exe or CoelixLite.exe.
A false positive is a false virus detection because part of the Coelix code may look like a signature of a virus for a particular antivirus software.
This problem almost always occurs in the first days after each new update. The problem usually disappears a few days after we submitted Coelix to analysis by the distributor of the antivirus software.