Update 1.121 for COELIX LITE
CAUTION : This update does not work with COELIX APEX. The Apex version has its own updates.

If you have an older version than 1.115, you must do
a full installation of the current version here.
To be considered complete, this update of COELIX LITE may require the execution of more than one installation program: main update of the software, installation of ASCOM platform, installation of GSView, etc.

In each case, the download dialog box of your browser asks if you want to execute immediately or save the installation programs. Choose "Save" to keep a copy, and then run them from your computer.

Main update

Complementary updates

Update of the orbital elements of comets and asteroids

You can go to the Updating Comets and Asteroids page to make this update.

Make sure to do the updates regularly (at least every three months) so that COELIX can properly display the positions of comets and asteroids on sky maps and calculate the ephemeris of these bodies.

Update of the longitude of the Jupiter's Red Spot

The longitude of Jupiter's Red Spot is now equal to
336 according to data from JUPOS.
You can update this value in COELIX in the menu Preferences and settings / Longitude of the Jupiter's Red Spot.

The longitude of the Red Spot varies randomly with time and must be updated several times a year to ensure that the Red Spot appears at the right place on the globe of Jupiter and that the times of its transits are accurate.

Installation of the GhostScript and GSView programs

The two free programs GhostScript and GSView are necessary to enable COELIX to save the sky maps and the graphic almanac in vectorial PDF format. You will then be able to view and print these maps and almanacs with Acrobat Reader ™.

See help in COELIX to download and install these programs.

Installation of the ASCOM platform

In order to control a motorized telescope with COELIX, you must download and install the ASCOM platform and the driver of the model of the telescope. These free programs are available on the ASCOM Website.

See help in COELIX to install and use ASCOM.
Galileo project JPL NASA
Download the installation program of the current update of COELIX LITE.

Installation problem (virus or other)?

Follow the instructions of the running installation program. Choose to install the update in the folder that already contains Coelix.exe, for example C:\NGC7000\COELIXLITE.

See below
for improvements, changes and fixes in this update.
Description of the current update

Date of update 1.121 :May 3, 2020.

Ephemeris limited to 4 months from the current date.

More information on this update here.  (at the bottom of the page).

Telescope Motorization


See here